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A feature film, television and entertainment production company


XII Tribes Entertainment is a international Media company with offices in New York, Los Angeles,  London, Montreal and Paris with seasoned representatives in  Singapore and Rome.Through its development arm, XII Tribes is very active in acquiring rights to many exceptional properties belonging to the long tail of entertainment industry.The combined expertise of XII Tribes Entertainment’s principals makes the company uniquely capable of developing, and packaging financially successful motion picture and television projects, especially due to its long‑term relations with US based and international distributors.Dedicated on building long term relationships with selected industry stakeholders and partners, XII Tribes Entertainment is committed to the entertainment industry production/co-production in Canada. XII Tribes Entertainment is leveraging its involvement on highly advantageous grant and funding policies across the country. XII Tribes Entertainment developed genuine skills, abilities and networking capabilities that allowed the company to increase its knowledge base related to granting, funding, creating and producing entertainment properties.